About Inzsure

At Inzsure, we focus on simplifying the process of buying and managing insurance policies for small and medium sized businesses (SME’s). By taking a customer first approach, something that others do not, we have created a technology platform that meets all your corporate insurance needs. Inzsure is accessible when you need the information to run and support your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Why Inzsure?

The challenge with today’s insurance intermediaries is that they are driven by humans. Humans are flawed. We make mistakes, we can be slow and sometimes we tend to be biased (even when we aren’t supposed to be). It’s often unclear whose interests these intermediaries represent - how they make their money is also deliberately vague.

Inzsure is built by customers for customers. We are clear that we take a commission at the point of sale but commit that the commission will be the same percentage irrespective of whichever insurance carrier ends up writing your policy. We have no favorites. Integrity is everything to us and is not for sale.

Are you just another aggregator?

Absolutely not. We want to make sure we are there for you at ALL the times, the good and the bad – not just when we need to sell you something.

Existing browser based solutions are looking to pass off the customer relationship to the insurer as soon as they take their cut. You will never hear from those guys again – until they want to sell you something else.

Inzsure is different. Our platform is designed to help you, the customer, use technology to manage the insurance cycle throughout the whole process, in good times and in times of difficulty. All of this can be achieved through your browser or smartphone as you prefer. Our unique, patented technology platform helps you the customer manage not only the purchase of your policy but changes, renewals and most importantly the claims process.

Governance, Transparency and Fairness

What is Inzsure’s legal entity breakdown?

Inzsure is the brand name for products and services provided via one or more of the Inzsure subsidiary companies. The Inzsure parent and holding company is located in Singapore and to make sure we manage your data and other interests properly, Inzsure has subsidiary companies in each of the jurisdictions where we operate. For your protection Inzsure operates subject to the regulatory frameworks in the jurisdiction where you buy the policies you need.

How do I start using Inzsure?

Inzsure is available through the website browser and is mobile friendly if you wish to view on your smart phone. Coming soon via apps on both iOS and Android.

Current Offering: SME package insurance solutions in Singapore and Malaysia

Coming Soon: South East Asia and everywhere else. Stay tuned!

How does Inzsure choose its insurance partners?

One of the key issues in getting the right coverage and getting claims paid promptly is the use of quality insurance providers.. The Inzsure platform has pre-selected a number of the world’s largest and most reputable insurers to give you peace of mind. We want you the customer to have the best chance of getting the support you need during a crisis and we are committed to help you through these tough times as best we can. This is when the rubber hits the road in insurance and we want to help you through the process as best we can.

What is the financial breakdown of my premium?

All of your premium paid goes to the insurer less a certain percentage retained by Inzsure to cover our management costs and profit over the lifetime of the policy. Unlike other intermediaries who retain the customer premium to make additional income we want your money to be with your insurer as soon as possible, so our systems are set up so that this happens. In other words, as soon as a sale is made, that payment is immediately distributed to both the insurer and Inzsure immediately.

How can I contact you?

We are available through the Inzsure platform where once you are logged in you have access to a dedicated message center. You can also contact us through the website.

Is my information kept confidential?

Privacy is something that we fully adhere to. Our Privacy Policy can be accessed here and your information will not be shared for marketing purposes.

Policy Info

How can I view my policy coverage?

The policy details are viewable before payment is made. In some cases, certain attributes can be changed. Once payment has been completed, your policy will be issued on the platform and a copy will be emailed to you. Whenever you need to go back to review the details of your policy you will find everything you need on dashboard after log in. By clicking on a specific policy you will be able to see a summary of coverage and a simple click allows a further download of the entire policy.

How are premiums amounts determined?

Depending on the policy, there are 2 ways.

  • Packaged Policies: Premiums are a fixed amount based on certain general attributes that your company may adhere to.
  • Customized Policies: Premiums will be based on a number of company attributes including size, history, credit history, recent claims and other information.

So exactly what type of business policies does Inzsure offer?

We currently offer packaged products for small and medium sized enterprises including property, liability, workers compensation and a selection of add on solutions depending on the partner insurer. We are continuously looking to improve our offering and plan to extend the solutions over time to provide a one stop shop for all of the corporate customer needs.

Can I change coverages?

It’s possible, but within certain parameters on the platform. A policy summary will be viewable before you make a payment. Once issued, certain elements will be adjustable. For example if the number of company employees changes the coverage under the workers compensation section can be adjusted too.

What’s the policy cancellation process?

Policy cancellation can be initiated at any time via the browser. Remaining period refunds depend on the terms and conditions of the insurer chosen. Should you decide to reengage with us, you can purchase a new policy. Insurance rates do vary over time so this may be different to the original pricing offered.

How do I pay Inzsure?

Payments can be made with your credit/debit card or via your bank account. This will be applied on Day 1 of your coverage from the time it has been issued.


How are claims filed?

Once you have logged into the Inzsure platform, hit the Claim button! We will walk you through the process after that. It’s really straightforward.

How will I get paid for a claim?

Once the claim report is submitted, the insurer will be notified and will follow up with the processing and payment.

How quickly will my claim be paid?

We want less complex claims to be paid as soon as possible. But there will be cases where our insurance partners will need more time to review the claim before they decide to approve it - for a variety of reasons. They may also require more information from you before processing to ensure the coverage applies and the correct amount under the policy is due.

Inzsure will be monitoring all claims and working with our partners to constantly streamline the process. We will be there for you whenever we can.

Why does Inzsure ask me to take a picture, video or upload documents during the claims process?

With technology playing an increasing role in our every day lives (personal and professional) and with (almost) everyone owning a smart phone, why not? If you can provide additional evidence in a more comprehensive, tangible format, please do so. A picture or video of a fire or its immediate consequences is better than you describing one. This all helps our insurance partners address your claim much faster, it makes life much easier for all parties. Do, however, take care. We don’t want you to do anything that might place you or your colleagues at risk.

Insurance Terms

What’s a deductible?

This is the amount that will be deducted from any claim payment you may receive. In other words, the amount you pay towards your claim. It is usually determined by the insurer at the policy start and has an inverse relationship to the premium. In other words, the more expensive your premium, usually the lower your deductible.

What’s a Premium?

Premium is the insurance industry terminology for the amount the customer pays to buy the policy. In plain language, it’s the price to buy the insurance.